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'All Ears India' Publishes 'An Archive for Our Mothers'
MAY.9, 2021
My piece 'Ring Finger' was published as part of the literary archive from 'All Ears India' to commemorate International Mother's Day
'The Art of Conversation' Podcast Is Live!
MAY.4, 2021
'The Art of Conversation' is a podcast hosted by Álanna Hammel to talk about... art (hence the title).
Hollyfort Writers Publish Poetry Day Zine
APR. 29, 2021
As part of Poetry Day 2021, Hollyfort Writers have published their first zine 'New Directions: Maps and Journeys.
Read 'Hiraeth' in 'Collected Thoughts Magazine'
MAY.22, 2021
'Collected Thoughts' is a magazine reflecting on the landscape around us.
Red Books Wexford Launches 'The Irish Bookshop Show'
MAR. 25, 2021
'The Irish Bookshop Show' is a weekly online show about books for people who love books.