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There’s No Other Way

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

At age fourteen I was absolutely and completely infatuated with music. The majority of my mind was made up of passing thoughts about songs and albums. I know exactly where this started; culture magazines and record stores. I considered myself addicted; buying every album that ever interested me and researching facts or figures about each single.

Most of my conversations would result in talking about music, regardless of who the other person was. I used to look back at this period of my teenage years and tense up with negative emotions. As far as I could see, this was a time where I had little to no connection to the people around me; an obsessive that felt utterly misunderstood.

Years later, I’m now jealous of this version of myself. Instead of being preoccupied with hobbies or interests, my mind now wanders with people rather than things. I had dedication and devotion. Albeit a materialistic mindset, these things didn’t have differing emotions to mine. Their intention was never to hurt me. They were just always there.

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