Sand Dunes


Although poetry is not my main medium, I have always been an enthusiast. Few of my poems have been published, but I aim to focus in on the use of poetic techniques and flowery language in future work.

Playing with Slime



A poem I wrote during the first lockdown that conveys the adaptation towards this new 'way of life'. For me, one of the overlooked side effects of lockdown was the fact that I stopped caring so much about my appearance and no longer was concerned with the gaze of others. During this period the population were unsure how exactly to act; what to touch, what to say, where to go. Overall, this is simply a simple poem in what know seems to have been a simple time.

Confinement was featured in 'The Quaranzine' a social media based zine, an interactive space where Irish voices can be heard and Irish artists are celebrated.



Another poem written in the first lockdown (the second of three published). Interruption discusses the state of reflection, regret, longing for the past. During lockdown many were locked away with their thoughts. As opportunities to live 'normal life' ran out, I found myself wishing I had done so many things that I never would have dreamed of before quarantine.

Interruption was published in the LA-based zine 'Growing Pains'. You can buy the ezine on my website (all funds go towards POC charities).

Dramatic Desert Background


Dramatic Portrait

April (2020)

The third of three poems written in the first lockdown, April 2020 is slightly different to its contemporaries. Inspired by quarantine, this poem investigates the etymology of the name April (April having been the first full month in lockdown); the contrast between the mythological resemblance of new beginnings and the month in 2020 spent entirely inside.

April 2020 was published in the Hollyfort Writers' anthology 'New Directions: Maps and Journeys' as part of Poetry Day Ireland.