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Walking Down the Aisle

In a new initiative, the Gap Arts Festival 2021 invited submissions from anywhere in Ireland: write a short scene, a maximum of one thousand words, with either one or two characters. And a selection would be presented by professional directors and actors at the festival. 

From a supermarket checkout woman to an all-night search for a missing hen, from women of fifty on dating sites to a trade union organiser being let go, the variety of themes and styles is astonishing.

gap arts festival programme.jpg
"The first play performed was Walking Down the Aisle by Álanna Hammel which was a light hearted piece telling the story of a supermarket worker with big dreams."
-Cathy Lee, Gorey Guardian

Playboy with 'Wexford Studio'


Imagine an adaptation of John Millington Synge's Playboy of the Western World but it revolves around teenagers waiting outside the shebeen to carry their parents home. This is Playboy, a collaboration with Wexford Studio

It Could Be Me

A zealous young checkout girl with a strong belief in conspiracy theories is in for a fright when she is forced to go against her doubts about the Lottery.

It Could Be Me is featured in Issue Three of Lemon Peel Press: Madness.

Supermarket Aisle


26/5/22 at 5 pm, Trinity College Dublin

Deirdre and Alex were ten when they found their first dinosaur. Or at least what they thought was a dinosaur. Now adults, the two are sitting in a room together waiting to hear about a real discovery they worked on. But the radio isn't working, and in the silence it leaves the two left to reflect on themselves with what this new achievement means for them, and what has changed since that first discovery. 

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